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We help business to stay updated with the lasts in their industries and navigate the complex challenges in corporate governance, enterprise risk management and regulatory compliance. We offer Corporate training, virtual events, and multimedia content experiences. Our vision is to provide the best industries knowledge to every professional to enhance their knowledge, boost profitability, improve skills and stay updated with current industry best practices and regulatory development. You can access our virtual events online at the comfort of your home or office and open doors to high-quality content from professional trainers

Date Conference
May 23,2024 Cancelling IRS Penalty and Interest Assessments - Cut that Bill by a Third

Speaker: Daniel J. Pilla | Price: $149.00
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May 16,2024 Understand Employee Retention Credit under the CARES Act

Speaker: Nick Preusch CPA | Price: $159.00
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Feb 29,2024 Corporate Transparency Act: The Final FinCEN Rule

Speaker: Nick Preusch CPA | Price: $149.00
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Feb 23,2024 OSHA Recordkeeping and Reporting: What You Need to Know for 2024

Speaker: Joe Keenan, MBA, CSP | Price: $179.00
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Feb 22,2024 Understand Common IRS Audit Issues and How to Avoid Them

Speaker: Nick Preusch CPA | Price: $119.00
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Feb 13,2024 Reporting Foreign Accounts & Assets: FBAR vs. Form 8938

Speaker: Patrick McCormick, JD, LLM | Price: $149.00
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Feb 08,2024 Federal Individual and Business Tax Update

Speaker: J. Patrick Garverick | Price: $199.00
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Jan 31,2024 Understand the Fundamental of Trusts and Estates Planning

Speaker: Robert S. Keebler | Price: $159.00
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