The IRS Problem Solver Book

The IRS Problem Solver Book

The IRS Problem Solver: Learn How to Solve Your Tax Problems and Keep the IRS Off Your Back Forever

Each year the IRS issues about 35 million penalties. But penalties and even some interest can be cancelled when you know the rules. Use the material in this book to cancel penalties and interest—even bogus IRS notices. In addition, Dan helps with dozens of other pesky IRS notices and letters that are wrong, incomplete or incomprehensible. This book keeps a small IRS problem from becoming a big one. The Problem Solver book was ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the number 1 tax book in America.

What do you do when there is a knock on the door and it’s the IRS? What do you do when an IRS correction notice comes in the mail? If you’re behind on your taxes? If you’re getting audited? In this book Dan Pilla helps readers solve even the most common problems: the tiny, easily solvable discrepancy that mushrooms into a major headache when neglected and left to fester.

In THE IRS PROBLEM SOLVER Daniel J. Pilla provides citizens with simple, easy-to-follow battle plans for resolving tax problems. These are problems that typical Americans run into because of ignorance, good-faith misunderstanding, or even a mistake by the IRS. And if you’re one of the millions of Americans who think, “If the IRS said it, it must be right,” or “You can’t fight the IRS anyway, so why bother?” then it’s time to change your attitude! As Pilla demonstrates, it’s this kind of thinking that’s responsible for countless millions of citizens paying taxes, interest, and penalties every year that they do not owe! Pilla has proved time and time again that the IRS routinely attempts to overcharge taxpayers--and citizens do not have to pay taxes they do not owe!

Session Highlights:

IRS Computer Notices: Of the millions of “correction” notices sent out every year, up to half may be wrong. Pilla shows readers how to defeat these notices and save money—with a simple written letter and a stamp! Penalty and Interest Assessments: A typical tax bill nearly triples due to the addition of penalties and interest. Pilla tells you what the IRS doesn’t want you to know—that these additions can be canceled once the taxpayer has made a simple factual showing!

Tax Audits: These are is responsible for more sleepless nights than any other area of law enforcement. But the audit process is largely one of bluff and intimidation, and audit results are wrong between 60 and 90 percent of the time. Pilla helps demystify the audit process—and empower you to take control!

Delinquent Tax Collection: The collection process—involving the IRS’s prodigious powers to issue tax liens, wage and bank levies, and property seizures—is the most harrowing tax process of all. But Pilla helps you avoid liens and levies . . . and heartache!

THE IRS PROBLEM SOLVER does not teach you how to cheat on your taxes, evade the payment of taxes, or hinder the IRS in the administration of the tax laws. Instead it gives you the power to take on the IRS by knowing your rights. THE IRS PROBLEM SOLVER helps prevent tax calamities for all Americans who file tax returns--and is a necessity for those who’ve just received a notice that it’s time to pay the piper.

Special Features Include:

  • The Mail Order Audit
  • Using Affidavits To Prove Your Word Against Theirs
  • 3 Secret Methods Of Buying Time To Prepare - File - And Pay
  • Eliminating Penalties Against You Or Your Business
  • 2 Ways To Audit-Proof Red Flag Deductions

Simple Letters Can:

  • Increase Your Refund
  • Prevent Audits
  • Preserve Your Rights... and   Save You Money!

File a Return, Pay an Incorrect Notice, Attend an Audit, Pay an Unjust Penalty, or Claim a Deduction

 without using some of the simple letters provided in this book

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